Salt Lamp City is an artist collective created from a strong vision to nurture both professionalism and creativity in the modern music industry. A relaxed mind is a creative mind. Thus, the subconcsious mind requires a supportive environment to access its depth. All too often in the mainstream recording studio environment there is too much emphasis on speed and commodification. We emphasize preparation and artist development to foster true artistic growth. Anything but a one stop recording/production studio, Salt Lamp City is where artists come to actualize their true creative beings.


Nestled in peaceful Studio City, Ca, SLC Collective is a place where you can come relax, enjoy nature, and focus on your music. We have an in house chef who will prepare your favorite dishes, chickens that will give you fresh eggs, a hot tub to kick back in, a firepit to warm your soul, and a collection of records to inspire your new art. We focus on purity of sound. Because of that we try to use mostly fully analog sounds in our creative process. We have a vintage-restored Roland Juno 106 synthesizer, a classic Ensoniq ASR-10, a Vintage Moog, a transistor organ from the early 60’s. Best of all, they are all set up to create, and jam out your favoritsounds.