About Peter DeWitt


“I am a songwriter, arranger/producer, and artist developer who works with various artists from the inception of their project to completion to create their music.

My passion for learning, writing and producing music began when I was 16. I went out and bought a guitar because I was so inspired by all that great alternative music of the 90’s (Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Sigur Ros). I spent three years writing songs in my bedroom and studying guitar, theory, and songwriting at an arts school in Nashville. However, in my last year of school, I discovered the raw power and expressiveness of the Classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, and began studying classical piano. When I turned 20, I moved to Orange County and spent the following six years focusing solely on improving my musicianship: I studied voice, piano (classical, jazz, and pop), composition, and songwriting of all different genres and eras with various teachers (12, actually!).

Also during these years, I was running a full-time music teaching career, during which I developed methods and techniques with which to help others develop their own original songs and compositions. A small musical “buzz” began to form around this process, as the students loved getting together to showcase their material and give each other feedback. I began working closely with them to help them achieve the most clarified version of what they were trying to express. The next, most natural step in my journey was then to move to Los Angeles, where I developed Centennial Music Productions, and continued working with artists.”

(For a more in-detail article about the need for artist development, click here.)

Click here for my recent samples of work. You can also listen to the same songs using the toolbar at the bottom of the page.

About the Studio

When a creative person finds in him/herself the drive to express themselves, they start seeking the right environment for where they can develop their art. It is for this reason that I chose a location that would give the artist the most ideal environment for this process. Tucked in the pristine serenity of the San Gabriel mountains and nestled amongst the pine and cedar trees, we are at the very top of the treeline -- it’s actually the highest point in Los Angeles county! Ironically, however, it’s also very close to Downtown L.A., for convenience.

The spacious-yet-cozy 12’ x 25’ studio is the perfect space for all aspects of both the creative and recording process. Need a break from the studio? Go for a swim in the pool-jacuzzi. Or relax on the meditation decks that overlook the small waterfall...

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